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How to Protect Yourself from an Online Security Breach

By Kyle Fulton | Published September 10, 2013 | Google+
We have seen a number of high-profile data breaches over the last year. Companies like LinkedIn, eHarmony, Yahoo,, Dropbox, [more]

What’s the Difference Between a Gift Card and a Prepaid Card?

By Mark Romanelli | Published September 3, 2013 | Google+
With over $100 billion spent each year on gift cards, and over two thirds of Americans receiving at least one [more]

How Retailer Gift Cards Stack Up to Prepaid Gift Cards

By Industry Insider | Published August 27, 2013 | Google+
With the holiday season just a few months away, people will soon be buying gift cards in droves. Since there [more]

Another Secret to Saving with Discount Gift Cards

By Shelley Hunter | Published August 19, 2013 | Google+
Like many frugal shoppers, I am a fan of discount gift cards. Though gift cards originated as a better alternative [more]

Can A Company Break Your Heart?

By Jay Scannell | Published August 13, 2013 | Google+
The other day I read a post on LinkedIn titled, ‘When a Favorite Company Breaks Your Heart.’ At first, I wasn’t [more]

What’s At The Heart of Customer Service?

By Thomas Cribbs | Published July 29, 2013 | Google+
Having been in the customer service industry for over 30 years, you’d think I’d have it all figured out by [more] Gets Grilled! Why Gift Cards are Better than Coupons

By Shelley Hunter | Published July 24, 2013 | Google+
Gift Card Girlfriend talks to CRO to discuss why a filtered open-loop gift card is better for small businesses is better than a coupon program.

The Evolution of

By Jason Wolfe | Published July 15, 2013 | Google+
For a decade now, we have been continually building and improving As I look back at where we started, [more] Gets Grilled! – Ryan Dew

By Ryan Dew | Published June 26, 2013 | Google+
The Most Important Factor in the Success of a Project   Who’s on the grill today? Ryan Dew, Project/Product Manager [more]

To Catch a Thief

By Mike Tchirkow | Published June 20, 2013 | Google+
Last month, the prepaid industry learned of a massive $45 million fraud perpetrated by a ring of hackers and accomplices [more]

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