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A lot of business activity currently around Gift Cards sector

By Jason Wolfe | Published October 3, 2012 | Google+
Seems just a year or two ago the big ‘new thing’ was Groupon, and Living Social. Although online couponing started, [more]

Gift Cards According to Disney

By Industry Insider | Published September 27, 2012 | Google+
I was reflecting on when my children were younger and we watched Disney movies almost religiously. One of their favorites [more]

The Favored Payment for Online Purchases

By Industry Insider | Published September 18, 2012 | Google+
This day and age, as kids are becoming savvier, a lot of the purchases are moving from the traditional brick-and-mortar [more]

Online Coupons – Discounted Gift Card Combo Savings

By Pattie Dillon | Published September 17, 2012 | Google+
Coupons have been a staple of frugal shoppers for years looking to save money for any and all of their [more]

Local Business Owners Need to get Social

By Mark Romanelli | Published September 11, 2012 | Google+
The power of social media is truly astounding but we often hear that it’s difficult to measure its effect to [more]

Prepaid Cards and the Many Faces of Fraud

By Industry Insider | Published September 4, 2012 | Google+
Like all products and services that involve money, there will be those that attempt to fraud the product or service [more]

Essential Back to School Gear for College Students

By Industry Insider | Published September 1, 2012 | Google+
When you are thinking about shopping for back to school gear, nobody thinks about gift cards as an essential part [more]

Product Personalization is Not a Trend

By Mark Romanelli | Published August 29, 2012 | Google+
In 1909 Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company, was famously quoted as saying ‘Any customer can have a [more]

Protecting Your Identity

By Jason Wolfe | Published August 16, 2012 | Google+
Identity theft affects millions of families and costs billions of dollars in losses each year.  Consumers need to be aware [more]

The Face of Your Company

By Thomas Cribbs | Published August 16, 2012 | Google+
In my own personal dealings with Customer Service departments in a variety of industries, I am often surprised at how [more]

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