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The Technology Behind Payment Cards – Part 1

By Industry Insider | Published July 6, 2012 | Google+
Pause for a minute, the next time you open your wallet or purse at home, and examine the contents. Like [more]

Exceeding Customer Expectations

By Thomas Cribbs | Published July 5, 2012 | Google+
In the prepaid gift card and loyalty and reward industries, Customer Service Departments are often faced with unique challenges. Much [more]

Indian Nations Unite to Preserve Sovereignty and Offer Alternative Financial Products

By Pattie Dillon | Published July 5, 2012 | Google+
Native American Tribes throughout our nation have been economically impacted more than of the rest of the U.S. with some [more]

Group Gift

By Ryan Dew | Published July 2, 2012 | Google+
Group Gifts, what they are and how they can be used Nearly everyone has taken part in contributing to a [more]

Gift Cards: Giving the Gift of Business

By Industry Insider | Published July 2, 2012 | Google+
If you ask virtually any Business Owner what they need more of they will answer with: a)      Timeb)      Customers Time…well [more]

A Chapter in the History of Prepaid Cards

By Industry Insider | Published July 2, 2012 | Google+
The evolution of the first Open Loop Prepaid Card has an interesting story behind its creation. Two entrepreneurs, my business [more]

What kind of gift card are you?

By Industry Insider | Published July 2, 2012 | Google+
For most people, when they hear the term gift card, they picture the end cap of an aisle at their [more]

Split Tender Transactions

By Mark Romanelli | Published June 27, 2012 | Google+
One of the main challenges that prepaid card providers face, specifically those who issue network branded prepaid cards like Visa [more]

Secondary Gift Card Market: Facts & Reasons to Allow This Market to Happen

By Jason Wolfe | Published June 26, 2012 | Google+
I got interested in the Secondary Gift Card market in 2003 after reading about when they first launched.  The [more]

QR Code Fraud

By Mike Tchirkow | Published June 19, 2012 | Google+
There is a new wave of fraud arising from the use of QR (Quick Response) codes, or small bar code [more]

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