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Living Healthy: Extrinsic Motivation through Reward Cards

By Industry Insider | Published June 18, 2012 | Google+
I watch a television program and I see someone in great physical shape with “guns” and a “six pack”.  I [more]

Reward Cards, why are they not called Gift Cards?

By Jason Wolfe | Published June 18, 2012 | Google+
Reward Cards v. Gift Cards…whats the main difference? In 2004 when we first started selling Visa gift cards, both consumers [more]

What Are Gift Codes

By Industry Insider | Published June 17, 2012 | Google+
Working for, we often take for granted that everyone knows what a gift code (also known as an eGift, [more]

Using Visa Gift Cards Online

By Mark Romanelli | Published June 15, 2012 | Google+
We frequently review consumer questions regarding the usage of Network Branded gift cards (including Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express). [more]

Is Customers Service Keeping Pace?

By Thomas Cribbs | Published June 8, 2012 | Google+
Today everyone is logged in, signed in, plugged in or online. Our interactions with others are now, largely, done via [more]

Setting Trends in Alternative Financial Services

By Pattie Dillon | Published June 3, 2012 | Google+
The Check Cashing industry has been under government scrutiny for years due to their perceived high percent charges for cashing [more]

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