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The Favored Payment for Online Purchases

By Industry Insider | Published September 18, 2012 | Google+

This day and age, as kids are becoming savvier, a lot of the purchases are moving from the traditional brick-and-mortar stores to online superstores like Amazon or eBay.  Also, with the influx of portable electronic devices, like the iPhone or iPad, online digital distributors of music and movies are also becoming more popular like iTunes and Google Play.  With these becoming more the norm, some parents, not unlike mine, are reluctant to give up their debit/credit card for online purchases.
I have heard my own parents say “Once you put your debit card online, anybody can freely go view it”.  Or my personal favorite quote from my mom: “Why don’t I just email it to the whole world because everybody will have it!!”  When you have parents that think like this, the gift card is the perfect form of payment.  You can have all the comforts of couch shopping while knowing that if somebody were to grab the gift card number off of the site, your bank accounts are safe and sound.  

Along the same lines of security, there is a question about where gift cards can be used online.  There are certain assumptions that iTunes will only accept iTunes cards or that Google Play only accepts Google Play cards.  This is NOT the case.  Our Visa & MasterCard gift cards can be used on all major platforms that accept VISA or MasterCard.  So, buying music, movies, audiobooks or apps can all be at the tip of your fingertips.

Along with a physical gift card, we also sell a virtual Visa gift.  A virtual gift is a gift card that is delivered digitally instead of through the mail.  These are also great for purchasing online as they have all the same benefits of our traditional plastic cards but can be delivered within minutes.  This is great for the last minute shopper.

~~ John Lint, former employee at

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