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The Gift Card that Brought Our Family Together

By Marty Fisher | Published January 17, 2014 | Google+

With Christmas 2013, in the rearview mirror, I had a chance to reflect on the gifts we gave to our extended families. Our children and the circle of families we remember at Christmastime are well past the age of receiving gifts from the local toy store. Even trying to figure out the latest fashions, techie toys, or home accessories has become a bit overwhelming. So this year we decided to give more gift cards.

At the beginning of 2013, there were several occasions in which we just picked up a generic American Express, Visa, or MasterCard gift card at our local grocery store. Even though the gifts were appreciated, they didn’t give us the same satisfaction as a more personal gift.

Throughout the year, I have been giving my wife personalized gift cards with pictures of our grandkids on them. The cards have been a real hit for her, and she loves the comments she receives from vendors as she uses them. So I had no problem convincing her to look at to create her own

Fond Memories

Martin Fisher personalized gift cardMany years ago, we discovered Roy’s Restaurant in Kauai, Hawaii, while on a family vacation. They serve a Chocolate Lava Cake that was a big hit with our family. Recently, we discovered this same restaurant in Baltimore. What a treat to taste it again, so many years later, and discover that the dessert tastes exactly as we remembered it.

So this year, my wife got very excited to see that Roy’s Restaurant is on the list of cards available at as part of the newly-launched National Brands gift cards. She made a special Roy’s gift card for each family on our list, each gift card featuring a picture of the family receiving the card.

We had so much fun giving gift cards this year because we were able to not only share a special meal together, but also share the memories of that very special family vacation.

~~ Martin Fisher

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