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It’s rainy outside, but it’s nice and sunny at Omni Prepaid, LLC!!!

I can hardly stand to watch the news anymore.  If it’s not Wall Street taking advantage of Main Street it is fraud, misconduct, dishonesty or a number of other things we hear that are going on in the workplace around the world.  Omni Prepaid, LLC will never be an Enron.  We educate our employees about saving for the future.  Proof in a recent e-mail about saving for the future and providing literature so our employees can make an educated decision.  Our own government can’t work together to help resolve the debt crisis which is looming over all of our future!  Yet, here at Wolfe we work together to make tough decision to ensure the success of the organization.  No one stands in the room and tries to do what’s best for them or what they feel will keep their job.  Our politicians should come for a day to learn how we work together as a team to resolve issues.  Today I am taking 3 cases of clothing out to our CEO’s (Jason) truck to be delivered to needy families in Haiti.  Then I come back in to the office and start brainstorming how we can take some of our profits and share them with orphanages around the country in a foundation Jason may be setting up.  Then at 4pm, while I’m wearing jeans to work today, I will be on our 3rd floor balcony enjoying our Beer Friday.  This is just a little I am thankful for working for Wolfe.  Maybe I will stop reading the gloomy newspapers and watching the bad news on CNN and create a new company newsletter so we can concentrate on successes.  If you are like me, then turn of the t.v. and follow our blog.  It will cheer you up too!