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Raleigh Gift Cards


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Gift Local was born out of a desire to buy gift cards for local merchants without having to trek out to individual stores. National chain store gift cards are available at gift card kiosks in the mall, at grocery stores, and online. But local gift cards are only available in mom and pop locations, if at all. Gift Local changes that.

The merchants listed on our site all accept Discover card. offers custom gift cards redeemable wherever Discover cards are accepted. So all you have to do is select a merchant, customize the card, and send it off!

Featured merchants are affiliated with All others are listed as a courtesy.

How it Works

It's easy. All you need to do is enter your location and search for all of the fantastic local merchants in your area that already accept Discover. Once you find the merchant you want, big or small, simply add the card to your cart, customize and checkout.

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Raleigh is one of North Carolina’s major cities, perhaps best known for the Raleigh-Durham International Airport. If you take a chance and decide that the city is worth more than a fly-through, though, you can find a city with great entertainment options. If you want to get the most of the local flavor, you should consider the locations below.

Cameron Village has the unique distinction of being the first major shopping center between Atlanta and Washington, D.C. The center is home to some of Raleigh’s most unique shops, including one-of-a-kind boutiques that cannot be found outside the village. There are also numerous dining opportunities inside, making Cameron Village a wonderful stop for a full day. The Village even houses its own grocery store, making it a great stop for those on a long trip.

The North Hills Shopping Center may be a surprising recommendation for those used to the Raleigh of old, but today’s Shopping Center is home to some of the trendier stores in the Raleigh area. It combines great local shopping with a number of major chain stores, making it a perfect one-stop location for visitors and residents alike. You can even take in a movie at the shopping center during the day and get a great local meal afterwards.

Seaboard Station is one of the few areas in Raleigh that still keeps the local retailer front and center. The area is a great place for those that want to buy something with a distinct North Carolina flair, and the atmosphere should not be missed. If you prefer your shopping with a side of relaxation, this is the best place to go in Raleigh.

There is quite a bit to do in Raleigh, both for sightseers and shoppers alike. It is entirely possible to do on both one visit, but staying in the city for multiple days will let you get the most out of your experience. No matter what you choose to do, you can have a great time in Raleigh.


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