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Tucson Gift Cards


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Gift Local was born out of a desire to buy gift cards for local merchants without having to trek out to individual stores. National chain store gift cards are available at gift card kiosks in the mall, at grocery stores, and online. But local gift cards are only available in mom and pop locations, if at all. Gift Local changes that.

The merchants listed on our site all accept Discover card. offers custom gift cards redeemable wherever Discover cards are accepted. So all you have to do is select a merchant, customize the card, and send it off!

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How it Works

It's easy. All you need to do is enter your location and search for all of the fantastic local merchants in your area that already accept Discover. Once you find the merchant you want, big or small, simply add the card to your cart, customize and checkout.

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Tucson, Arizona is occasionally called the Old Pueblo. While it is known for its Spanish and Mexican cultural traits, the name is actually derived from a Native American phrase that refers to the base of a black hill. This is probably a reference to a dormant volcano nearby.

Tucson is a southwestern city with all the trademarks of a town caught between multiple cultures. Here you can listen as the people around you speak in multiple languages, mostly English and Spanish, while you peruse menus in Central American fare and shop for Native American goods. This desert city is full of opportunities for tourists passing thorough and for those who have come to stay awhile.

The University of Arizona: This large university is concentrated into a section of the city less than a mile in diameter. Even if you are not a student, the campus is worth a visit because of the many great restaurants, bars and other attractions that surround it. Try walking down 4th Avenue or University Boulevard to check out college cafes, live music and cultural events.

The Sonora Desert Museum: Go West on Speedway Blvd and eventually you will encounter one of Tucson’s greatest attractions. The Sonora Desert Museum is more than a storehouse for culture. It is a zoo and botanical garden as well. You can see some of the desert’s most fascinating creatures in their natural habitats here.

Tucson Mall: Located on North Oracle Drive and Wetmore Road, this immense shopping outlet is home to hundreds of shops that answer nearly every need. In addition to the stores, you can also find a children’s play area for family recreation and a nursing lounge to provide health assistance. The mall is open every day of the year.

Tucson is a growing city. It serves as a focal point for tourism but it is also the gateway to California and Mexico. It is truly in the heart of the American Southwest.


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