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December 1, 2014

KCRA: Ceres Urges Buying Local to Support City Services

Buying local helps you and the community you live in. With local gift cards from, you get the convenience [more]
December 1, 2014

KOMO The ConsumerMan Radio Show: Make a Millenial Smile with eGift Cards this Holiday Season

Gift Card Girlfriend on the air with Herb Weisbaum, The ConsumerMan Radio Show, talking about digital gift cards this holiday [more]
December 1, 2014

ABC News: 6 Holiday Budget Busters and How to Avoid Them shares statistics on how much people spend on gift cards during the holidays and on how much they overspend [more]
November 28, 2014

KCBS-AM: Jason Brooks interviews Gift Card Girlfriend on Holiday 2014 Trends

Jason Brooks, Money Reporter for KCBS and CBS, talks to Gift Card Girlfriend on the subject of gift card [more]
November 21, 2014

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Greentree-based Lists Best eCard Holiday Values

Gift Card Girlfriend launches infographic to showcase best e-gift cards available for the 2014 holiday season.
November 20, 2014 Gift Card Girlfriend Explains How to Succeed as a Telecommuter

Gift Card Girlfriend, spokeswoman for, shares her insight on how to succeed as a telecommuter.
November 19, 2014

Mashable: Gift Card 101: Your 10 biggest questions, answered

Our discount gift cards makes the list of places to buy and sell the gift cards you don’t want.
November 12, 2014

Fortune: Pittsburgh’s Comeback Kid

Starting with next to nothing didn’t stop CEO Jason Wolfe from becoming a serial web entrepreneur. His story is [more]
November 10, 2014

Inquisitr: Digital Gift Cards are the Hot Item on Millennials’ Christmas Lists This Year

A study by Bankrate confirms that Millennials are seeking digital gift cards this year. Gift Card Girlfriend explains why.
November 6, 2014

Wall St. Cheat Sheet: 3 Things You Should Know About Gift Cards

What you need to know about gift cards plus the Top gift cards for Men and Women!