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Nine is Fine

This Saturday July 16th marks my 9th anniversary working for Wolfe LLC.

I started working for our CEO & Founder Jason Wolfe in 2002 when the company was known as (shortly after renamed Direct Response Technologies).  There were about 14 employees when I started and we were in a much smaller office than where we are today.  I didn’t have a clue about online marketing or prepaid products when I started.  While sitting in a company meeting my first day, everyone was throwing out acronyms and terms I’ve never heard before and I thought to myself that I will not be here more than 90 days.

Since that first meeting a lot has changed but we have maintained the same drive and entrepreneurial spirit.

I’ve been fortunate to be a part of an organization that has grown every year, rewards employees for their hard work and dedication, creates products and technology that customers appreciate, and where the people are a joy to work with.

I appreciate all that Wolfe LLC has done for me and my family and especially my mentor Jason for his support, guidance and leadership.

After 9 years I still love what I do and I’m looking forward to many more.