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Our New SelectSpend Products

Last week we officially introduced our new SelectSpend Prepaid Reward Cards to our WRL corporate clients.  SelectSpend is a Discover prepaid product that allows us to limit where the card can be spent at based on a type of retailer, individual merchants, or geographic location.

The idea behind these products is to use the reward dollars being given to an employee or customer to provide a memorable experience versus allowing them to buy just anything.  For instance, one of the SelectSpend product we created is a Golf Card that can be used at any golf course or sporting goods store where Discover Debit cards are accepted. 

We are currently offering 5 predefined products that we call category cards and can also customize an experience based on our clients needs.  The 5 category cards include:

  1. Entertainment Card:  Good at movie theaters, sporting events, concerts, theaters, bowling alleys, and many similar types of merchants
  2. Gas Card:  Good at any gas station where Discover is accepted
  3. Rest & Relaxation Card (R&R): Good at spas, salon, barber shops, and massage parlors
  4. The Golf Card:  Good at golf courses and sporting goods stores
  5. The Travel Card:  Good for airfare, hotels, car rentals, public transportation, and many other similar merchants associated with travel.

Next month we’ll be adding a dinning card that will be good at any restaurant and we’ll continue to create new category products.