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Pho T Cali Restaurant Gift Cards

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User Reviews

› Review from CityGrid  Star

They changed their name a little while back because people kept getting them confused with other restaurants. Anyway, their food won't make you tell all your friends about this restaurant, but nonetheless, you will keep coming back. …

› Review from CityGrid  Star

If you do not speak vietnamese you should not go there because they talk sh*t and make fun of you in VIETNAMESE right in front you.I have been thier customer for over 4years and i decided to not to come to you place NEVER again. I visited…

› Review from CityGrid  Star

In Short
Colorful murals of scenic landscapes line the walls at this popular Vietnamese eatery noted for pho dishes featuring a variety of beef and noodle combinations. The house special, Dac Biet, is a large combo plate of rare…

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