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April 15, 2013
4 Tips for Making Eco-Friendly E-Gift Cards Work for Everyone

Pittsburgh, PA April 16, 2013 – With Earth Day coming up (April 22, 2013), retailers and gift card companies are promoting e-gift cards as the environmentally friendly alternative to plastic gift cards. Shelley Hunter, Gift Card Girlfriend at, cautions givers to follow these simple rules to ensure that e-gift cards are as good for recipients as they are for the environment.

  1. Use the Recipient’s Preferred Technology. Virtual gift cards can be delivered through e-mail, text, social media, and smartphone apps. Select the delivery method that is used most often by the recipient. A smartphone e-gift card may be convenient for you to send but could be a hassle for the recipient if he/she has a basic cell phone.
  2. Send to the Correct Address. People often have more than one e-mail address. Sending an e-gift card to a seldom-checked address could turn your just-in-time birthday wishes into a belated present. If you’re not sure which address to use, send a test e-mail to see if the recipient responds.
  3. Send Up a Flare. It’s a good idea to put the recipient on high-alert to expect an incoming message. You won’t ruin the surprise simply by saying, “Don’t forget to check your e-mail tomorrow!” If nothing is received, the intended recipient is more likely to bring it to your attention later.
  4. Follow Up. If you don’t hear from the recipient within a day or two, check to see if he received the e-gift card. It’s awkward, of course. But better to ask and find out than to have your unfulfilled surprise sitting in cyberspace indefinitely.

For Earth Day, is also reminding people that e-gift cards are environmentally friendly—no plastic, no paper gift card holder, and no shipping. Following Gift Card Girlfriend’s advice, customers can send these beautifully designed virtual gift cards with confidence.

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