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November 18, 2008 Gets a Facelift, Add More Features, LLC announces they have launched their brand new website with easier navigation, the addition of merchant gift cards, more customization features, and a separate area for corporate clients. The new site design is just in time for the quickly approaching holiday season, their busiest time of year.

The new website now clearly displays’s four areas of focus: Visa Gift Cards, Build-A-Card Gift Cards, Merchant Gift Cards, and Corporate Gift Cards. “We wanted something that was easier for customers to navigate,” says Matt Schnauber,’s Creative Director, “Now customers can either select the specific product, design a gift card from scratch with Build-A-Card, or find gift ideas based on the occasion, like ‘Holidays’ or ‘Birthday.’” Since print all their gift cards in-house and on-demand, their gift card design options have certainly expanded. They launched a gift card design gallery featuring new gift card designs available on the new site.

With over 75% of their business coming from corporate clients, it was important for to expand their corporate area, which consisted of only 5 pages prior to the new website. CEO Jason Wolfe states, “Our corporate clients have completely separate needs. They purchase gift cards to use for their employee incentives, customer rebate programs, and marketing promotions, so we moved all corporate information to a more robust area exclusively for corporate clients,” Jason continues, “We’ve added a lot more information, pricing, tools, ideas, better incentive tracking, and everything our corporate clients could want.”

Another addition to the website is the Merchant Gift Cards section. Customers can buy gift cards to retailers and restaurants around the country. The 2008 holiday season expects to see two-thirds of consumers purchasing gift cards for their holiday gifts. “We wanted our merchant cards to be available just in time for holiday shopping,” says Karen Picard, Merchant Relations Manager for, “Shoppers enjoy the flexibility of gift cards, but like to choose the location the recipient will spend their gift so it feels more personal. Our merchant gift card selection will give them lots of options. Plus, we never run out of stock like a lot of gift card companies.” Merchant gift cards are being added daily and expects this aspect of their business to flourish in the coming weeks.

Build-A-Card has proven to be very popular this season. Customers can upload photos, move, expand, shrink, crop, and place their photo on a Visa Gift Card to give it a personal touch. It’s a way to make a gift card that is often seen as impersonal and make it completely personalized.

This has been a big month for Omni Prepaid, LLC, the parent company of On September 5th, Omni Prepaid announced the opening of OmniPrint™, their in-house print-on-demand card fulfillment center. Then on September 26th they released their online card design tool called OmniBuild™ which is used to power Build-A-Card.

Companies interested in selling their merchant cards with and press interested in learning more about this launch or the new website should contact’s Marketing Manager for more information:

About, LLC, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Omni Prepaid, LLC and is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. began selling gift cards online in 1999 and has grown to become an industry leader in gift card sales for both consumers and corporate clients. They currently service thousands of corporations for their gift card needs, including 25% of the Fortune 1,000.