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September 10, 2012
GiftCards.com Launches Local Direct Program with Discover®

Pittsburgh PA, September 10, 2012 – Today GiftCards.com announces the launch of the GiftCards.com Local Direct Program, where local merchants can be listed on GiftCards.com, the gift card “end cap” of the Internet. GiftCards.com is giving the gift of business to local merchants by providing them with a branded gift card that runs on the Discover network, which can be purchased and customized online.

“We are excited to announce this new gift card program leveraging Discover®. Discover has been a pleasure to work with and very innovative in their approach to new business. Now, our users can buy gift cards that can be used at participating locations where Discover is accepted. We intend to have 200,000 local merchants signed up direct in the next 12 months. We continue to be the specialists and leaders in online gift cards.” Says Jason Wolfe, CEO of GiftCards.com

“This program is a further extension of our strong relationship with GiftCards.com. Adding this program to our suite of solutions provides more innovative choices for consumers and value to merchants.” Says Jeff Lewis, Director, Alternative Payments and Prepaid.

About GiftCards.com

GiftCards.com™ is the online leader in gift cards, corporate incentives, group gifts, and discount gift cards to hundreds of today’s most popular retailers. GiftCards.com is the exclusive website to offer payment association branded gift cards to over 4 million local retailers, including restaurants, apparel retailers, car washes and more.