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January 1, 2013’s Math: 1,000,000 + 200 = 38.75

Pittsburgh, PA, January 1st, 2013–’s creative math puts its CEO and some of his team members on the bitter cold waters of Deep Creek Lake, MD.™, the online leader in gift cards, sold 1 million gift cards in 2012. Late in the fall, the company CEO promised his team that if the company sold 1 million gift cards for 2012, he’d jump into Deep Creek Lake in January.

As the clock hit midnight on December 31st, 2012, the company had sold exactly 1,000,200 gift cards.

“It is ironic that we surpassed the mark by exactly 200, which is the http status code for success,” explains President & CEO, Jason Wolfe. HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), the foundation of data for the worldwide web, has several codes to identify a variety of statuses. The status code 200 stands for success and indicates that the request was successful and the server was able to deliver on the request.

Wolfe takes this symbolism at heart, and now it’s his time to deliver. He will be joined by a handful of his teammates to jump into the bitter cold Deep Creek Lake this January 6th at 11:00 a.m. with estimated water temperatures of 38.75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Surpassing the 1 million mark by the 200 symbolic success code puts us into 38-degree waters,” comments Wolfe, “not sure what algorithm that math responds to, but if we hit our 2 million goal for 2013, I may have to take the team to Iceland next.”

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