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August 26, 2010
WRL.com Offers Coupon Cash Back Program

WRL.com, owned by Wolfe.com LLC, is the leader in full service prepaid solutions and technology for corporate programs including consumer loyalty, rebates, employee recognition and retention. Today, WRL.com announced the launch of their new Coupon Cash Back Program. The Coupon Cash Back Program provides all of their corporate clients with the ability to provide huge savings to their customers and employees. WRL.com and MyCoupons.com join forces under the Wolfe.com family of companies to provide coupons and coupon codes to thousands of popular retailers and on-line merchants. There are currently over 30,000 active coupons on the MyCoupons.com website. The coupon offers and content from MyCoupons.com can easily be white labeled by corporate clients to maintain their corporate brand. “Providing the coupons is a great way for our clients to extend their brand and show their employees and customers that they are thinking of them,” stated Jason Wolfe, CEO of Wolfe.com, LLC.

The WRL Coupon Cash Back Program is easy to set up at no additional cost to the clients. In addition, clients will receive 50% of the revenue generated from the usage of the coupons.

About WRL.com, LLC:

WRL.com, LLC is owned by Wolfe.com, LLC and provides reward and incentive program solutions for companies of all sizes. We have worked with over 5,000 companies since 2004 for employee and customer focused programs including safety awards, health wellness incentives, sales spiffs, rebates, customer appeasement, retention, recognition, and general gifts. Our core product is an open-loop Visa or MasterCard reward card that can be branded with our clients’ logo. We pride ourselves in fast turnaround, multiple branding options, and utilizing our technology to drive additional actions or awareness to our clients’ brand.