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Sales Team, MyCoupons Team and Marla are Moving to Mansfield Ave.

We are entering exciting times at Wolfe and as part of the plan we are moving the WRL Sales Team and the MyCoupons Team into the Mansfield Ave office. Marla will be coming back too. It will be great to have our Pittsburgh Wolfe Team under one roof. The excitement and energy coming from these teams is contagious and lifts all the employees.

Rick is leading the move project and has tentatively scheduled the big move for Thursday, September 29 and Friday, September 30. Tear-down will occur on Thursday and set up will be Friday. This will give us the weekend to ensure the work is ready for Monday the 3rd.

To help accommodate the move the Teams may be working from home on Thursday and Friday so it gives us 4 days to complete the job.

Thanks to all involved with the move.