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Save Money with Gift Cards

Savvy consumers are finding that gift cards are not just for giving but also for saving.

One of the most popular products on are discounted gift cards.  On any given day our customers will find discounts of up to 25% off at over 100 of the top retailers & restaurants.  For instance, you can buy a $100 Barnes & Noble Gift Card for $90.  It almost looks too good to be true.

How we are able to do this is that we buy unwanted gift cards from consumers who have no intention to use their card and would rather have a cash even at a lesser value.

The availability of these cards changes constantly and the discount percentage is based on the popularity of the merchant and how many we have available in inventory.  For instance, a more popular retailer like the Target Gift Card has a 5% discount and usually sells out within an hour.

Here are 3 money saving tips on how to buy & use discount gift cards for based on the type of shopper your are:

The Planner

Gina is one of our most loyal customers.  She is a working mom who clips coupons from the Sunday paper each week and is always looking for a deal.  So when Gina & her husband decided to remodel their kitchen, she went into planning mode and determined their budget, the best appliances to buy, and when to shop.

7% OFF Home Depot Gift Cards

We got to know Gina and her story because shortly after her planning she began to buy dozens of Home Depot Gift Cards at a 7% discount.  When our inventory ran out, Gina contacted us to see when she could buy more so we set up an email notification to let her know every day when new cards were available.  Sure enough, within minutes of putting up the new gift cards Gina would be one of the first to scoop them up.

In total, Gina saved just under $300 on her Home Depot purchases with the discount gift cards she purchased.  It took her a while to check out at The Home Depot but it was worth the savings.

With back to school shopping just a few months away, Gina will soon be grabbing up Footlocker & JCPenney gift cards to save 15% on her planned purchases.

The Online Shopper

Shopping online is not only convenient but typically you can find the products you are looking for cheaper than you would in retail stores.  The online shopper is already conditioned to looks for coupons and deals before checking out.  But what many people don’t know is that you can double up your savings by paying for your online purchase with a discounted gift card or code.

Here’s how it works:

1. Buy a discounted Gift Code to the website you are shopping at.  In the below example, I bought a $100 Aeropostale Gift Code for $89.00.

2. The gift code is delivered to your electronically typically within an hour.  When you get it, now lets match it up with a coupon to increase our savings.  The example coupon below is from our sister company and saves me $25 when I purchase $100 or more.

3. When I’m checking out on, I enter in my coupon code in the promo code field and my gift code in the gift card field.  Doing so I’ve saved $36 in just a few minutes.

Discounted Gift Code + Coupon Code

The Impulse Buyer

Replacing your credit cards and bank card with your mobile phone is probably still several years away.  But smart phone owners can use their mobile devices today to save money at most major retailers with little effort.

Mobile Gift Card

There are a number of free apps for iPhone and Android devices that allow you to enter in a gift card or gift code number, and they convert the number to a readable bar code that you can use to make purchases in stores.  Most of these apps also provide you with real-time balances of your card and have security measures in place to protect your cards if you lose your phone.  To find one, just do an app search on your phone for ‘gift card wallet’ and you should have a dozen to choose from.

When my wife drags me out  takes me with her to shop, while she’s filling the shopping basket I’m on my phone on looking to see if we have a discounted gift code that I can download.  When I buy one I just plug it into my mobile wallet app and use it at the check out.

Most retailers are able to scan the bar code on the phone, and the couple that have not been able to do this just type in the card number.

This is a great way to save without clipping coupons or planning ahead of time.

Happy shopping!