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Studio 8 Gift Cards

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User Reviews

› Review from CityGrid  Star

Wasn't too impressed with this club. Bouncer told one guy more than once that he couldn't go in wearing rubber shoes. Later on inside the club, who did I see but that guy, wearing the rubber shoes. Haha....

› Review from CityGrid  Star

This bar was renamed after many problems involving law enforcement. The proprietor is a former stripper and has no clue how to treat people or run a club. Really sleazy this last year and seems to attract your hoods and believe it or not,…

› Review from CityGrid  Star

Currently the place is name "Vivid". The venue is huge...and has a ton of potential. Here are the problems. The corporation that is running the place doesn't seem to understand that California Labor Laws exists for a reason that EOE (Equal…

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