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The Kitchen

So everyone knows we’re getting a new kitchen here on the 3rd floor at Mansfield, but a lot of people don’t get to see the progress like we do, here in the loft.  Marketing has a front row seat, so I figured I’d share what we get to see.


- That’s a ton of cool stuff on deck, ready to be loaded into the kitchen area.  Check out the size of that fridge!  That’s enough room for every employee to keep 6 days worth of Primanti’s sandwiches queued up for lunch, with room to spare!  And is that a 6 burner, stainless steel stove I see?!  Awesome.  The cabinets look great, too:


I can’t wait to see this thing when it’s done.  I really wanted to get back in the kitchen to check it out, but i don’t think our resident builder, Tom, would be too happy about that.  And let’s face it, you don’t argue with a man with a wet saw.