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There can be only one

If nothing else, the people here at are creative.  Each month we have an Employee of the Month vote.  Anyone can be nominated, everyone has up to 5 votes, and the winner receives a $500 Visa or MasterCard Gift Card.

This month some of the guys on the technical team came up with a nominee that had never won the Employee of the Month vote let alone had been nominated.   Nonetheless, this nominee is near and dear to many of our hearts and stomachs….its the Vending Machine!

Prior to the old Vending Machine’s nomination, our slightly less machine like coworker Grant Friedline was running away with this months vote.  Now it looks as though we’ll have a photo finish.

There can be only one

Here are some comments that the Vending Machine has received during the vote:

  • Usually returns exact change
  • 2 words: Fudge Rounds
  • Not much of a talker but works 24/7
  • always illuminating.
  • Stole my heart… AND my quarter.

Good luck to both