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Who Really Cares???

I was reading the Wall Street Journal today and found some interest in articles.  Exxon saw an earnings increase of nearly 59%.  I can see why they are making so much money, because I am going broke paying for gas at these outrageous prices.  Then AT&T had a 60% increase in profits due to demand for the IPhone.  Seems like every time I turn the corner my IPhone losses service but my bill never goes down as a result.  Microsoft just offered $8.5 billion for Skype, a business that has yet to make any money!  Guess it makes me proud to work for Wolfe because we actually work hard every day to make a difference for our customers by saving them money on things that are important to them.  Better yet, the hard work I put in every day comes back to me at the end of the year in terms of profit sharing.  Guess this is one reason why I like working for Wolfe, because I know the more money the company makes is a direct result of the more money our customers saved…and there’s no better news story then that!