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Willoughby's Coffee & Tea Gift Cards

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User Reviews

› Review from CityGrid  Star

This was one my favorite place to get coffee and coffee beans. The staff used to be cheerful and went out of their way to help the customers. I still like their beans.The staff has changed this year, and it is pretty amazing how…

› Review from CityGrid  Star

I wouldn't say Willoughby's is the best coffee shop but it's probably the best here in New Haven. I order my coffee mostly mail order from the west coast (Seattle etc.). Personally, I like the smaller chains personally more than the…

› Review from CityGrid  Star

I have been going there for 5+ years and they never fail to deliver great fresh coffee. They have a variety of breakfast goodies, bagels etc all fresh in AM. The shop is well staffed and they move around quickly, so I have never had to…

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