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Working at Omni Prepaid, LLC

What’s it like working at Wolfe?  Some would describe it as an amusement park of fun.  Others may describe it as a great place to work.  Me, I tend to call it home.  You see, home is where the heart is.  I always feel comfortable at home, cherished, respected, appreciated and wanted.  I can walk around and be me.  I enjoy being around my family and spending time with those I feel like me for who I am.  Most of our days are spent at work or sleeping and we have little time to just live.  Working at Wolfe is like being at home.  We have 90 employees that are very close and committed to make the best out of each and every day.  Our CEO cares and wants to be involved in all of our success.  I have often heard him say “I have 90 families to take care of”.  Most of us even have best friends at work!  Wolfe is somewhere I am happy to bring my kids and brag what daddy does.  Somewhere my mother and father would be welcomed like long time old friends.  You see working at Wolfe is like your with your family – and that’s why we succeed!