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WRL Version 2 – Sneak Peak

In 2010, we started a project to completely rewrite our Wolfe Rewards & Loyalty (WRL) client interface.  The goal of this rewrite was to simplify the ordering system, streamline certain processes, and provide our clients more tools to make informed decisions about their Reward Program.

I’m happy to report that the release of this project is now just around the corner.  To the right is a screen shot of the new home page (click the image to enlarge):

Here is a list of just some of the changes & features in WRL v2.0:

  • Paperless:  No more signing off on purchases and faxing them back.  Everything is accounted for online
  • Ordering:  The new ordering process is much simpler to use.  We’ve added a number of enhancements that have been requested by clients including multiple upload options for your data.
  • Reloadable Programs:  Now much easier to manage, add funds, and breakdown reporting
  • Programs:  A new concept for WRL.  Clients can create Programs for different groups or business units to be reported on separately
  • Marketing Collateral:  We’ve added a handful of cool options to add marketing collateral to an existing reward card
  • Support:  All major sections have a Video tutorial to walk the user through the various options

Perhaps the biggest piece of the rewrite that our clients will NOT see is the structure and coding behind the scenes.  We have a ton of future enhancements and features to tie together in the near future.  The new platform makes adding these much easier.  Following the holidays, we will begin pushing enhancements to the system biweekly if not weekly.

We are always looking for feedback on our products (positive or negative).  Upon the release feel free to email me your comments.