You Gift. We Gift.

On a Christmas morning in 1977, a boy, his mother, and his siblings huddled under a single blanket in the living room of their house with no heat. They could see their breath. Living on welfare, they had no gifts, and certainly no Christmas tree. But in the midst of their gloom, they heard a knock at the door. Padding over to the window, one of the children peeked out to see a brown box full of gifts and a frozen turkey sitting on the doorstep. Footprints in the snow trailed from the stoop to the street, then disappeared. The kindness of strangers turned a bleak holiday morning into a day of joy and thanksgiving that this little boy never forgot.

This is the event that sparked the development of You Gift. We Gift. Through this program, we, too, hope to provide needy children with that same sense of delight as we deliver unexpected gifts to them.

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How It Works

When children are nominated for You Gift. We Gift., we verify the information provided and select children from among the many stories shared. Our founder then personally delivers a $50 gift card from to each child selected.


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