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Featured Story

ygwg-logoOn Friday, December 6, 2013, our founder, Jason Wolfe, loaded up his RV and hit the road for a weeklong journey of delivering unexpected gifts. On the first leg of the trip, he met three children living not far from the GiftCards.com headquarters—Hope (a young girl living with lung disease who loves One Direction), Milana (also battling health difficulties whose favorite color is “clear”) and Jamie. In her short life, Jamie has already lost several family members including her father and grandmother, but the smile on her face shows resilience. From Jamie’s house, the big orange RV headed to New York to visit Hailey, a two-year-old battling Acute Myeloid Leukemia who says “Fight, Fight, Fight!”. Day one proves to be both heartbreaking and inspiring.

On day two, Wolfe heads further east to Boston for a visit with Mighty Max. Diagnosed with heart defects and a myriad of other health issues, Max has spent most of his life in the hospital. Dominic, with an indomitable spirit of his own, cheers people and lifts their spirits despite his own difficult circumstances. Finally, the YGWG RV comes to a stop in front of Olivia’s house. Here, eight-year-old Olivia is painting and selling portraits. She uses the money she raises to rescue animals.

The remaining five days of the trip are much of the same. From dilapidated homes and tiny apartments to hospital hallways and beyond, the can’t-be-missed orange RV rambled through the East Coast to bring a smile to Aaron, Sarah, Braden, Lillie, Winter, Megan, Sam, Whitney, Riley and Kesoni—not because the gift card itself contained a life-changing value, but because the attention received was invaluable.

Feeling greatly enriched from the arduous but rewarding experience, Wolfe decided to make YGWG an on-going program at GiftCards.com. Please take a moment to read more about the amazing children he visited and to consider putting a child you know on the map.