Administrative Professional Gift Ideas

Whether you call it Administrative Professional’s Day, Secretary’s Day, or National Admin Day, once a year we set aside a day to thank the men and women who keep our businesses running.

When picking out a gift card for your administrative professional, keep in mind that although you work side-by-side daily, your relationship is more business than personal. So you may not know exactly what this person wants or needs. Second, remember that all of the support staff in the office are being honored at the same time. Unlike a birthday where only one person is being celebrated, the people who typically take care of ordering cakes, awards, and gifts, are the ones designated to receive those things on this special day.

Your challenge is to pick a gift for someone you might not know very well, do the ordering yourself, and make sure your admin feels appreciated when his/her gift is compared to the “shows of appreciation” received by others that day.


Create a personalized gift card for Administrative Professional’s Day. A personalized gift card shows thought and effort went into the gift but allows the recipient the freedom to use it however he or she wants. If you’re not sure what photo to use, look around the desk. Scan a picture on display or take a photograph of it with your smartphone. Upload the photo to create a totally customized gift card. If you can’t find a picture to use, choose one of our many predesigned options.

To make the gift card presentation flashier than just handing your secretary a gift card in a greeting card, order a bouquet of flowers and tuck the gift card into the card stick that typically holds a floral greeting card. Or pick up a picture frame that matches the rest of the office accessories and put the personalized gift card inside.

Using these suggestions, your admin will receive a gift that’s personal to him/her while still being professional. With the frame or flower display, the gift card will certainly draw attention from others on Administrative Professional’s Day.