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Babbo Italian Eatery Gift Card

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About Babbo Italian Eatery

Make a hit with Babbo Italian Eatery Gift Cards for your friends in the Phoenix, Arizona, Metropolitan area, where Babbo’s has seven locations serving contemporary, house-made Italian cuisine. “Babbo” in Italian is like “Daddy” in English, so the name alone lets you know Babbo Italian Eatery is family-friendly, including a special kids’ menu. The bruschetta is heavenly. That and their signature Roasted Brussels Sprout Beet Salad could make a meal. But whoa! You have to try the Neapolitan-style pizza with tomatoes and Mozzarella and thin, crispy crust. And the pastas, calzones, sandwiches and Chalkboard Menu items beg for a place on your table. Give Babbo Italian Eatery Gift Cards and watch all the happy smiles.