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BRGR Gift Card

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About BRGR

BRGR Gift Cards are better currency than subway cards in New York City. After all, can you ever expect to get real grass-fed beef hamburgers from the MTA? Never. But BRGR serves nothing but grass-fed beef, which means it’s healthier and tastier. No GMOs or synthetic hormones or antibiotics allowed. BRGR’s beef is lower in calories, too, so you can feel good about adding a few extras, such as herb mayo, avocado, Gruyere or Roquefort cheese. You might even go for a hand-dipped milkshake – made with pure dairy products, of course. Give your New York City friends BRGR Gift Cards and go against the grain. Use them all three locations; 287 Seventh Ave., 1026 Third Ave. and 2233 Broadway.


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