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In order to give you the correct Cardholder Agreement for your Gift Card, we need to match the proper terms & conditions to your exact gift card. Once you enter your 16-digit card number, your terms & conditions will be displayed.

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Our Cardholder Agreements* and Product Terms

Choose from the list below to view our Cardholder Agreements and Terms and Conditions. If you have already purchased or received a gift card or virtual account, enter your 16-digit gift card number above in the box above.

Visa Gift Card Cardholder Agreement

Local Gift Card Cardholder Agreement

GiftBrands Cardholder Agreement

Local Direct Cardholder Agreement

MasterCard Gift Card Cardholder Agreement

VirtualGift Terms and Conditions

Amazon Terms and Conditions

*For all merchant cards, please refer to the merchant for their Terms and Conditions. gift cards are valid in the U.S. only