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[product_circle title=”Local” text=”Support small businesses without having to visit out-of-the way locations.” img=”/content/giftcards/sites/9/2013/05/icon-store-small-1.jpg” width=”150″ padding=5] [product_circle title=”Personal” text=”With custom photo and text, each local gift card is personally designed for the recipient.” img=”/content/giftcards/sites/9/2013/02/pencil-1.png” width=”150″ padding=5] [product_circle title=”Convenient” text=”GiftLocal Discover gift cards can be used wherever Discover debit cards are accepted.” img=”/content/giftcards/sites/9/2013/03/swipe_card-1.png” width=”150″]

Local Gift Cards 

Gift cards are the number one most requested gift. Though they are available in nearly every grocery store, sometimes you want to support small businesses and give a local gift card instead—one that can be used at a local merchant like your favorite bagel shop, the mom and pop deli, or the privately owned nail salon down the street.

To make it easier to “Gift Local,” GiftCards.com partnered with Discover to create gift cards that can be used anywhere Discover Card is accepted, the equivalent of over 4,500,000 local merchants in the USA. All you have to do is select a merchant to support then create a card! It’s so easy. Using our Create-A-Card process, you can upload a personal photo or use one from our predesign gallery. You can even design a matching Greeting Card to go with the local gift card.

The customized Discover card will be mailed to your recipient with the selected Merchant name on the greeting card or carrier as the suggested place to shop.


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"I love to support small businesses but some of my favorite local hangouts are still using paper gift certificates. With Gift Local, I can order online and get the convenience and flexibility I need while still supporting a local organization."

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