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About OneMillionRecipes.com

Easy Chef's ONE MILLION RECIPES is the equivalent of over 4,000 cookbooks from the World’s best cooks. Every recipe you’ll ever need is waiting to be found, made and fed to those you love. Tried and true meals, or new culinary adventures are easily organized into pre-set or custom categories. You can print and share Family Favorites, download and add recipes from multiple sources; there is no limit - it’s like a digital recipe buffet! Instantly print shopping lists and find the complete nutritional profile for every recipe … even ones downloaded from other sites. Automatically adjust portion-sizes from one person up to hundreds! Card users can also create a personal photo gallery of finished recipes and share them with the click of a button, posting to friends and followers on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Easy Chef’s ONE MILLION RECIPES is a MUST HAVE for every kitchen!


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