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Shelley Hunter

Give an American Cancer Society Gift Card for Nurses Week

National Nurses week is May 6-12, 2015. Give an American Cancer Society gift card to help fight Cancer and to honor a favorite nurse.

Relay for life gift card

My son recently broke his back. Don’t ask me how it happened because we don’t know. He has a “pars fracture” in his lower spine, and the best we can figure is that he snapped it playing too much baseball. Overuse. He’s ten years old. He started his double-digit year being highly active, but now, for 23 hours a day, he wears a full-torso brace that has him pretty much grounded. His life has changed. Despite this being a disappointment, however, the diagnosis is welcome news after initially being told that our little leaguer had a “mass” and “some swelling” in his spine. I’m truly grateful that his condition isn’t one of many that could have sidelined him indefinitely.

National Nurses Week May 6 – May 12, 2015

As we celebrate National Nurses Week on May 6th through May 12th of this year, I’ve thought a great deal about the men and women who made our most recent medical experience palatable. As we waded through doctors and tests and speculation as to why my kid’s back hurt like “somebody shot me right here,” I found that the nurses and medical technicians we dealt with were game changers. Hard as it was for my son not to be in the dugout, their cheerful attitudes and well-timed humor kept him from being down in the dumps as well. Though he will have several months of physical therapy ahead of him, we are certainly on the home stretch of returning back to our normal lives. Sadly, that is not the case for every child who wakes up one day in mysterious pain.

American Cancer Society Mastercard®

Earlier this year, launched the American Cancer Society (ACS) and Relay For Life Mastercard “Gift Card for a Cause” program. For every gift card purchased, a percentage of the value will go to the American Cancer Society and you have the option to donate an additional three dollars per card. The money raised will be used to fund cancer research, to provide accommodations for patients and their caregivers, to drive patients to treatment facilities and to provide a variety of other support services. If you’re looking to buy a gift to honor a nurse or other medical technician, I suggest giving one of these gift cards. In doing so, you’ll not only be giving something special to the gift card recipient, but you may also be making a difference to thousands of patients who don’t currently have the answers they want or need. I’m thinking that people who have devoted their lives to helping others might appreciate the extra effort. To make the gift card presentation even more meaningful, try one of the suggestions below:

1. Add a Heartfelt Note

All too often, I believe we over think “thank you” gifts. There really is no way to repay someone for a heroic feat or even for extending a kindness that made a huge impact. So don’t try. A thank you gift isn’t supposed to be “payment in kind,” it’s just supposed to be a physical expression of heartfelt gratitude. Deliver an ACS gift card with a simple handwritten note of appreciation. That’s all you need to do in order to make the recipient aware of how grateful you are for what he or she did.

2. Make it Personal

In addition to the beautiful pre-designed ACS gift cards available, you can also upload a personal photo to create a completely unique gift card that is still part of the combined cancer-fighting effort. If you or one of your loved ones received exceptional care, then use a selfie to make a personalized ACS gift card. With all the patients, our sometimes-overworked medical care givers see, having a face to remember will make the gift card more personal.

3. Donate in Name Only

Since some nurses and caregivers are legally prohibited from accepting lavish gifts, consider getting a gift card that is no more than $25 or giving a larger gift card in name only. For example, you might give the entire nursing staff a gift card worth a couple of hundred dollars to buy a staff lunch but put the special nurse’s name or image on the card so she gets to decide which restaurant will do the catering.

While having the best of care may not be enough to get the diagnosis or result you want, being surrounded by a kind and caring nursing staff during a time of crisis can make the experience a little less painful. Whether you acknowledge that service through a handwritten note or with a gift, always take the time to do something. If you can’t direct your thoughts to any one specific person, consider buying an ACS gift card next time you buy a gift. Like a string of base hits add up to putting a run on the scoreboard, several small contributions could also add up to something special.

Happy Gift Carding!

~Shelley Hunter, Gift Card Girlfriend

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