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How to Buy (and SAVE on) Fandango Gift Cards

From online to in stores, all the ways to buy and save on Fandango gift cards.

Fandango gift card

When I need a break from work, one of the places I turn to is the Fandango app on my smartphone. You’re probably thinking that I’m just saying that, but it’s the truth. For many people, taking a break means leaving town, booking a spa day or going on a grand adventure. For me, a simple escape to the movie theater with a bucket full of over-buttered popcorn is just enough.

If you have a movie lover on your gift list or you’re looking for ways to save on the movies you see, then I’ve got some ideas for you. Below you’ll a find a list of the easiest ways to buy Fandango gift cards and a few ways to save on Fandango gift cards as well.

1. At

The easiest and most obvious way to buy a Fandango gift card is to visit The benefits of going straight to the source is that you can get a variety of Fandango gift card designs (including limited edition images from popular movies), you can add your own photo to a Fandango gift card (both digital and plastic) or you can select the popular “Dinner and a Movie” gift card combination. While I don’t currently see the ability to send a Fandango gift card via the Fandango app, I wouldn’t be surprised if that feature comes in a future release.

2. At a Virtual Gift Card Mall

In addition to purchasing gift cards online at, you can also find Fandango gift cards online at gift card merchants such as and Gift Card Mall. Although you may find fewer design choices, the benefit to purchasing gift cards from a virtual mall is that you can order gift cards from other brands at the same time. For example, if you want to buy a Fandango gift card for your mom and a Jiffy Lube gift card for your dad, then you can place one order for both cards at the same time.

3. From Other Online Retailers

Stores like Staples, Safeway and typically sell other retail brand gift cards alongside their own gift cards. Though not every one of these merchants offers the same selection of gift cards online, some of them do.

The benefit to buying a gift card at one of these online locations is that you can buy other products and services at the same time. For example, if you need to order a gift card for your nephew’s graduation and you also need to buy a new pair of socks, then you can get both from an online merchant that sells third-party gift cards. Before you place the order, however, check the gift card method of delivery to be sure it works for you. While some online stores sell both digital and plastic gift cards, I’m finding that many online stores primarily offer egift cards which could change what you have in mind for presentation.

Stores that carry the Fandango gift card include the following:

Giant Eagle
PayPal on eBay

4. In Stores

As I just mentioned, many major retailers sell gift cards for other stores and restaurants via in-store racks popularly known as “Gift Card Malls.” If you have the time to visit a store like Safeway, Giant Eagle, Publix, Staples and more, you are likely to find a Fandango gift card on one of the racks. The benefit to buying a Fandango gift card while at the physical store is the convenience of being able to pick up a gift while completing the rest of your shopping.

5. From Gift Card Resellers

If you’re looking to find a good deal on a Fandango gift card, then I have two choices for you. The first is to follow my weekly list of Gift Card Deals to see if the Fandango card is on sale when you need it. The second option is to check for discount Fandango gift cards made available through gift card resellers.

6. Via a Smartphone App

One of the easiest ways to buy a Fandango gift card is to order it through a gift card app. With Samsung Pay, for example, you can order a range of gift cards straight from your phone, some of which are occasionally on sale. Plus you can always check for a mobile-enabled version of the websites listed above. Of course, the primary benefit to ordering a gift card via an app is that it will most likely be delivered electronically and it will automatically be deposited into your mobile wallet (or app) for easy redemption.

I think that about covers the gamut of ways to buy a Fandango gift card. Did I miss any that you know of? It doesn’t matter how big or small the suggestion is. If you know another way to get your hands on a Fandango gift card, then let me know about it in the comments below or send me a message on Twitter (@GCGirlfriend). Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to check my Fandango app to see what movies are playing.

Happy Gift Carding!

~Shelley Hunter, Gift Card Girlfriend

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