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Gift Card Girlfriend’s Guide to Graduation

Gift card tips, freebies and crafting ideas to make graduation gifting easier than ever. Find free gift card holders and best gift cards to buy for grads.

grad deserves printable gift card holders

What’s Inside

NEW Graduation Gift Cards

“Top 10” Graduation Gift Cards

Five Creative Gift Cards for Graduating Students

Free Graduation Gift Card Holders

Custom Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation Gift Card Tips

NEW Graduation Gift Cards

happy grad card

If you’re looking for something new for graduation this year, check out the Happy Grad or the Happy Graduation gift card from the Happy Card collection. Each is usable at any of the stores or restaurants listed on the card.

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“Top 10” Graduation Gift Cards

pile of gift cards

Wondering what gift cards to buy for Graduation this year? Check out the posts below. For each category, you’ll find my picks for top brand gift cards as well as the types of gift cards that work best. When kids are graduating high school and going off to college, for example, gift cards to help set up the dorm room are perfect. But kids who are just being promoted from elementary school to junior high school, have other needs.

Each list will give you a variety of choices for the graduates in your life.

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Five Creative Gift Cards for Graduating Students

visa gift card for travel

Here’s a list of gift cards with a little different twist. Of course, you can always buy the gift cards off the grocery store rack, but these gift cards are perfect for high school graduates going off to college, especially those who will be moving to a new town. You might even spend a little time researching the area that he or she is moving into so you can pick a gift card that is both fun to give and to receive.

Five Creative Gift Cards for Graduating Students

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Free Graduation Gift Card Holders

flat holder with personalized gift card

Planning to give someone a gift card for graduation? You’ve come to the right place. With a variety of gift card designs to choose from including cards featuring mortar boards, tassels and more, there’s sure to be a card for everyone on your list.

You can pick a card, customize it and let us send it for you, or you can get crafty with the free printable graduation gift card holders below:

You can even watch me make the newest free printable graduation gift card holder here on YouTube. And while you’re there, subscribe to the YouTube channel so you can get an alert when I post more gift card holders or gift card tips.

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Custom Graduation Gift Ideas

custom gift card to buy the gear you need for school

Whether you want to deliver a graduation gift in person or send it electronically, has a number of gift cards that can be customized with images, personal messages and more. Choose physical gift cards for same week delivery or choose egift cards for same day delivery.

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Gift Card Tips

With gift cards being the most-requested gift, year after year, consumers often need help picking out the best gift cards, knowing how much money to load onto a gift card and what to do with unwanted gift cards. Gift Card Girlfriend can help ensure gift cards delivered for graduation are received with all the love and affection intended.

On Giving

On Redeeming

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How to Save Money with Gift Cards

Best Places to Buy Gift Cards

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How to Make Gift Cards at Home

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Can I Get My Lost Gift Card Back?

Find more gift card tips and answers to your gift card questions on the Gift Card Girlfriend blog.

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