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Unicorn Gift Card with FREE Printable Unicorn Greeting Card

The perfect gift for your unicorn-loving birthday kiddo is a unicorn gift card. This gift card comes with a free matching printable greeting card.

Unicorn birthday gift card with free matching printable greeting card

The great thing about a custom Visa gift card is that you can add your own image, name and greeting to the card, making each gift card a one-of-a-kind treat. Whether you use an image from the designer library at or upload a photo from your smartphone, the end result is a unique gift card that can be redeemed online, over the phone and in favorite stores and restaurants across the country.

Today I am showing you one of our more popular designs–a unicorn gift card. When you order this gift card, you can order the matching unicorn greeting card for about $1.50 extra. If you’d rather add a homemade touch to the card, you can download the matching printable greeting card for free. Both are cute as ever. Below I’ll share the benefits of each option.

Here’s the link to order: Unicorn Gift Card

Option 1: Order Matching Unicorn Greeting Card

If you order the matching greeting card at, the unicorn gift card will be affixed to the inside of the card. Below is a picture of the unicorn gift card as it would be delivered to the recipient. I think the primary benefit to having print the card is that you get full color processing and heavy card stock paper, so this card feels like a professional greeting card like you might buy at the store.

printed unicorn greeting card

When you open the card, you’ll find a birthday greeting on the right, the gift card on the left, your personal message on the left along with a note about how much money is on the card and instructions on how to activate it.

free unicorn birthday card printed on the inside

Option 2: Download FREE Printable Unicorn Greeting Card

If you have a good printer and like to add homemade touches to the presents you give, try downloading the free printable matching unicorn greeting card. I printed one on regular size paper (8-1/2 x 11-inch) and I printed a larger version (11 x 17-inch) at Staples. If you’re gonna gift someone a unicorn, then you might as well make it big and fun and colorful!

Here’s the link to download: Free Unicorn Greeting Card

free unicorn birthday card before folded

The primary benefits to downloading the matching unicorn greeting card are that you can save a couple of dollars, put the gift card wherever you want and you can add additional decorations to the card.

When you print the card, use the best quality printing your printer allows and print “as is.” In other words, do not select “shrink to fit” or any other setting on your printer that might distort the image on the card.

I noticed that the printed version has a little less color intensity than the one you’ll get if you order it online. But it still looks cute in person. Pictured below is the professionally printed unicorn birthday card and the two that I printed at Staples.

After you download and print the cards, crop each one according to the crop marks shown.

free unicorn birthday card being cut

Fold the card in half.

free unicorn birthday card that is folded

Tape the gift card inside and add a personal message.

free unicorn birthday card signed on the inside

If you want to get creative, add extra layers of paper or other embellishments to the card.

unicorn birthday card printed by companyfree unicorn birthday card decorated on inside

Option 3: Print a Bigger Version of the Greeting Card

One of the things I like to do with the free gift card printables is print the images on larger paper. For less than $2, you can upload the image to Staples or another copy center and have the pictures printed pretty quickly. Then decorate the printed card however you like.

Here’s a picture of the larger version of the free matching unicorn greeting card. You can see the scale of this card next to the gift card.

free unicorn birthday card large

Here’s another picture for comparison.unicorn gift card in three sizes

This one is a little trickier to cut. I trimmed the edges that fit into my paper cutter. Then I folded the card in half so I could cut the lengthwise side on the same cutter.

free unicorn birthday card showing the large size

And there you have it. The unicorn gift card with a free printable unicorn greeting card. Isn’t it magical?

free unicorn birthday card large

Check out our other printable gift card holders for more ways to turn gift cards into thoughtful, creative gifts.

If you make this card, please send me a picture or tag me on Gift Card Girlfriend on Pinterest, @GCGirlfriend on Twitter or @Gift.Card.Girlfriend on Instagram. I want to see what you can come up with.

Happy Gift Carding!

~Shelley Hunter, Gift Card Girlfriend

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