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10 Wacky Gift Cards You Have to See For Yourself

Looking for an unusual gift card to give this holiday season? Try these wacky gift cards. They’re fun to look at and fun to spend.

Wacky gift cards

Recently, a reporter asked me to share a list of unusual gift cards available this holiday season. I responded with an array of creative-looking gift cards such as the Limited-Edition Sterling Silver Starbucks Card and the Pez Dispenser Target Gift Card. But that’s not what she wanted. My list consisted of unusual-LOOKING gift cards that could be used to buy everyday items. She wanted a list of gift cards that could be used to buy unusual THINGS–regardless of what the gift cards themselves actually look like. Wish granted. Below are 10 wacky gift cards that you’ll have to see for yourself.


Bacon Freak

I’m not making this up. If you have a bacon lover in your midst, then clearly a gift card to Bacon Freak is the way to go. With products like t-shirts that say “Bacon is meat candy,” bacon jewelry and bacon-scented candles available, choosing just one thing to buy is “bacon-me” crazy. So get this wacky gift card instead.



Hippie Shop

For the peace-loving guy or gal in your life, there’s an abundance of laid-back products to choose from with this gift card from the Hippie Shop. You’ll find the obvious tie-dyed t-shirts as well as the more unique, Peace Wooden Door Beads and everything in between. Nobody wants to return a set of door beads that don’t fit, so do your friend a favor and get a gift card instead.



Elvis may have left the building, but you can still buy the Elvis Bobblehead with one of these wacky gift cards. Want something a little more current? How about a Sheldon Bobblehead (a la The Big Bang Theory)? Better yet, you can get a custom bobblehead made from a photograph you send in. I know. It’s too hard to pick which bobblehhead to buy. That’s why you have to get the “In Bob We Trust” gift card instead.



Old Time Candy

Can’t decide between the Avengers Assemble Lunchbox filled with candy and the Retro box of 1950’s candy your mom ate as a kid? Get a gift card to the Old Time Candy shop and let the recipient decide how much sugar to consume.



Kite Zombies

Before we get to the regular zombies (cuz you know that’s comin’), I wanted to first share with you the wacky world of kiteboarding. At Kite Zombies, you can buy kiteboards, kite surfboards (one if by land, two if by sea…), kite mountainboards and, thank goodness, safety gear. But again, if choosing which way your friend is about to have a near-death experience is too much for you, then go with the trusty gift card.



Greek Gear

We didn’t have a Greek system where I went to college, so this obsession with sororities and fraternities is a little foreign to me, but I can still recognize a cool gift card when I see one. For your Delta Chi brothers and your Delta Gamma sisters (wait…are certain sororities and fraternities related? Do they pair up automatically at each school?), get a gift card to share the love. Recipients can choose from a range of Greek clothes–the usual t-shirts, hoodies and hats–to some pretty awesome dorm room decorations and lavaliers.



Guido Gear

Speaking of brothers and sisters, the Tantillo family brings you Italian clothing and merchandise that help “portray Italians and Italy in an amazing light.” The company website warns you not to be offended by the name “Guido,” it was chosen with good humor in mind. So if you have an Italian in your family, or I should say, a person of Italian descent, then consider a gift card to support this family’s efforts. They have everything from flags and stickers to drink-wear and t-shirts. And when I say get a gift card, I think you better…else Guido might come after you.



Dog Stuff

Surprisingly, one of the most popular items for sale on this website is the Chihuahua Emery Board Nail File. I’m not sure what to make of that. Is it perhaps the same predicament that leads you to a gift card in the first place–not knowing what to get someone? So you turn to an emery board because it’s one-size-fits-all and you can never have too many? Whatever the reason, there are plenty of dog-covered nail files to choose from plus hats, purses, hand towels and a myriad of other puppy-lovin’ decorations. Get the dog lover in your life this gift card and he or she will be tail-wagging for the holidays.



Sock Monkeys

From the classic sock monkey to the striped sock monkey pilot hat, this shop is absolutely STUFFED with everything you could ever want made out of the red-heeled socks of yesteryear. In fact, you can even buy the supplies to build your own sock monkey. See, I told you–everything! But before you go ape ordering tile earrings and sock monkey slippers, consider purchasing a gift card instead. That way the recipient can decide whether she wants to wear or snuggle with her new simian.



Superhero Stuff

Holy heart failure, Batman! It’s an entire online shop filled with every superhero you can imagine. Superman? Obviously. Captain America? Check. But it doesn’t end there. You’ll find clothing, gifts, toys, home goods and more, with characters like Thor, Wolverine, Batgirl, Venom, Aquaman and others. With so many choices, the hero move is to step aside and let the recipient decide what to buy. Get a superhero gift card to save the day.


If creativity is your game, but you’re not sure how well the recipient will respond to a wacky gift (or, should we simply say unusual?), then get one of these unique gift cards instead. The person receiving the gift card may have as much fun looking through the options as he or she will have spending the actual certificate. I mean, seriously, a bacon-scented candle? A surf kite? A custom bobblehead? All great gifts that are even better when you get to pick one out for yourself.

Happy Gift Carding!

~Shelley Hunter, Gift Card Girlfriend

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