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Gift Card Girlfriend Blog Archives

Shelley Hunter

How to Trade Unwanted Gift Cards for Target Gift Cards

Target Trade-In program lets you sell unwanted gift cards for Target gift cards. Follow these instructions to learn how Target gift card exchange works. Read More »
Shelley Hunter

BOGOS and Other Valentine’s Day Gift Card Deals for 2018

Looking for love at a DISCOUNT? Here's all the ways to save on gift cards for Valentine's Day. Your Complete 2018 List of Valentine's Day Gift Card Deals!… Read More »
Shelley Hunter

{Free Printable} Grande or Venti Valentine Gift Card Holder

Available in two sizes, this free printable Valentine's Day gift card holder is perfect for the Latte Lover on your list. Read More »
Shelley Hunter

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Gift Card Watchlist for 2018

When a retailer files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, outstanding gift cards become vulnerable. List of gift cards to watch in 2018. Read More »
Shelley Hunter

12 Things You Can DO to Help Friends and Family in Crisis

Not sure how to help friends or family members in need? 11 simple ways to start helping out today. Read More »
Shelley Hunter

How to Put a Gift Card in a Balloon

For an easy gift card wrapping idea, hide a gift card in a balloon. Pop the balloon to get it out. It's a party and a present! Read More »
Shelley Hunter

Best Valentine Gift Cards for Teens in 2018

This list of the 11 Best Valentine Gift Cards for Teens has a little something for everyone. Clothing, food, gaming, sports, gas and a ride to the mall! Read More »
Shelley Hunter

Best Valentine Gift Cards for Teachers in 2018

From the popular Starbucks Card to the unique Personalized Visa® Gift Card, here's a list of the 11 Best Gift Cards for Teachers (+ a few other suggestions.) Read More »
Shelley Hunter

Best Valentine Gift Cards for Women in 2018

From Sephora to Spafinder, the 11 BEST GIFT CARDS to get for women, your girlfriend or your wife on Valentine's Day. Read More »
Shelley Hunter

Best Valentine Gift Cards for Men in 2018

From Best Buy to Visa, the best gift cards to get your husband, boyfriend or man in your life for Valentine's Day. Read More »