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Gift Card Girlfriend Blog Archives

Shelley Hunter

New Statistics on Gift Card Usage–Plus Advice!

2018 survey shows that people surveyed MOSTLY remember to use the gift cards they receive. Learn more about this gift card survey and get advice on improving gift card usage. Read More »
Shelley Hunter

25+ Free Promotional Gift Cards for Father’s Day 2018

Here's a list of all the BOGO gift cards you can get for Father's Day including "buy one, get one," promotional cards, instant savings and other gift card offers. Read More »
Shelley Hunter

Top Sales and Best Deals on Gift Cards for 2018

Save 10-20% off, Find "Buy one, get one gift cards" and more for top retail brand gift cards including Visa®, MasterCard®, iTunes, etc. Read More »
Shelley Hunter

New Survey Results! Receiving a GIFT CARD Makes Us HAPPY

Of the more than 1,000 people surveyed, around three in four (76%) agreed with the statement, “Receiving a gift card makes me happy.” Learn more about the gift card survey and other findings below. Read More »
Shelley Hunter

3 Free “Thanks Coach” Gift Card Holders

Printable gift card holders to give COACH. Works for football, basketball, soccer, baseball, water polo and other sports. Read More »
Shelley Hunter

10 Gift Card Apps to Save You Time and Money

Gift Card apps that make life easier, help you save money or be better organized are just what you need this holiday season. Read More »
Shelley Hunter

10 Travel-Themed Gift Cards for Graduates

Heading off to college, starting a new job or taking a trip? The gift of travel is the perfect way to celebrate graduate's next move. Read More »
Shelley Hunter

20 Ways to Make Your Own Gift Card Holders

From pillow pockets to pizza boxes, here are 20 ways to make your own gift card holders. Download these printables and follow the instructions. Read More »
Shelley Hunter

10 Gift Card Hacks You Have to Try!

Clever tricks to save you time, money and hassle when it comes to buying, using and recycling gift cards. Read More »
Shelley Hunter

The Perfect Gift Cards for Outdoor Adventurers

Gift ideas for the man or woman who loves adventure and likes the great outdoors. Read More »