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Gift Card Girlfriend Blog Archives

Shelley Hunter

Is it OK to Give a Gift Card for Secret Santa Gift?

Can Secret Santa deliver gift cards? This family has two different opinions. Here are some fun gift card ideas to end the Secret Santa gift card debate. Read More »
Shelley Hunter

When to Buy a Gift Card Instead of a Gadget for the Holidays

Tempted to camp out all night for Black Friday? Think again. Most gadgets may not be worth the effort. Would you rather have a gift card or a… Read More »
Shelley Hunter

10 Employee Holiday Gifts that Will Fit the Entire Team

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for a diverse workforce and a tight budget? Here's a list of "one-size-fits-all" gifts that everyone will enjoy. Read More »
Shelley Hunter

{Free Printables} Collection of Gift Card Ornaments

Collection of gift card ornaments perfect for group gift, home decoration, holiday wreath or simply to present your favorite gift cards. Read More »
Shelley Hunter

Top Gift Cards for Teens

Top gift cards for teenagers plus a list of criteria on which gift cards teens enjoy most. Read More »
Shelley Hunter

Cheapest (and FASTEST!) Ways to Send Gift Cards

Four ways to send gift cards at the last minute without paying (too much) extra. Read More »
Shelley Hunter

20 Ways to Make Your Own Gift Card Holders

From pillow pockets to pizza boxes, here are 20 ways to make your own gift card holders. Download these printables and follow the instructions. Read More »
Shelley Hunter

Make Your Own Snowflake Gift Card for the Holiday Season

Make your own gift card this holiday season with a snowflake design and warmest wishes greeting. Free printable gift card holder available. Read More »
Shelley Hunter

How to Make Personalized Gift Cards Even Better

Photography tips and helpful hints to make personalized gift cards and custom gift cards even better. Read More »
Shelley Hunter

2017 Cyber Monday Deal on Visa® Gift Cards

Save $3 on most plastic Visa Gift Cards with Cyber Monday Promo Code! Must have promo code and order on sister site, Read More »