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Gift Card Girlfriend Blog Archives

Shelley Hunter

The Best Gift Cards for Kids

A list of top gift cards for kids plus tips on how to pick out gift cards that kids will like. Read More »
Shelley Hunter

The 10 Best Places to Find Gift Cards on Sale

There are a number of ways to buy gift cards for less. Why pay full price when finding a sale on gift cards is only a click away? Read More »
Shelley Hunter

2017 Black Friday Deal on Visa® Gift Cards

Save $3 on most plastic Visa Gift Cards with Black Friday Promo Code! Must have promo code and order on sister site, Read More »
Shelley Hunter

{Free Printable} Gift Card Holder: Spend Christmas

Gift card holder says, The Way you Spend Christmas is More Important that How Much, a quote by Henry David Thoreau. Read More »
Shelley Hunter

{Free Printable} What’s Better than a Holiday Sweater?

What could be better than a holiday sweater? A gift card, of course! Free sweater-shaped gift card holder. Read More »
Shelley Hunter

{Free Printable} Warmest Wishes Gift Card Holder

A quick and easy way to deliver warmest wishes this holiday season with a free gift card printable and matching Visa gift card. Read More »
Shelley Hunter

How to Make Your Own Gift Cards in 4 Easy Steps

Make a totally unique gift card this holiday season in four simple steps. Tips on how to make your own plastic, paper and egift cards. Read More »
Shelley Hunter

What You Need to Know about ULTA Gift Cards

Check out ULTA Gift Card benefits, creative ways to give ULTA Gift Cards, how to check your ULTA Gift Card balance, and more. Read More »
Shelley Hunter

Gift Card Perks: Benefits of Shopping with Gift Cards

Got gift cards this holiday season? Here's a list of merchants that will give you the V.I.P. treatment when you shop with gift cards. Read More »
Shelley Hunter

Where are Visa Gift Cards Sold? (And Which is Best?)

With Visa gift cards widely available, Gift Card Girlfriend shares 3 places to buy Visa gift cards and which one is the best. Read More »