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Question & Answer with Gift Card Girlfriend

target gift card exchange

How to Trade Unwanted Gift Cards for Target Gift Cards

Target Trade-In program lets you sell unwanted gift cards for Target gift cards. Follow these instructions to learn how Target gift card exchange works. Read More »
steam gift cards

When to Buy a Gift Card Instead of a Gadget for the Holidays

Tempted to camp out all night for Black Friday? Think again. Most gadgets may not be worth the effort. Would you rather have a gift card or a… Read More »
best visa<sup>®</sup> gift cards to buy

Where are Visa Gift Cards Sold? (And Which is Best?)

With Visa gift cards widely available, Gift Card Girlfriend shares 3 places to buy Visa gift cards and which one is the best. Read More »
how to save on black friday

How to Use Gift Cards to Save on Black Friday

Add gift cards to your Black Friday shopping strategies and you can save more than ever before, plus you decide what's on sale! Read More »

Where is the Best Place to Buy Gift Cards?

From the gift card kiosk to online websites, Gift Card Girlfriend shares insight on the best places to buy gift cards. Read More »

Flexible Gift Cards You Can Use (just about) Anywhere

A list of gift cards recipients will be able to use (almost) anywhere--stores, restaurants, and even downtown businesses. Read More »
Best egift cards of 2017 Infographic

Who Will Deliver in 2017? Best eGift Cards Overall

For the third year in a row, Gift Card Girlfriend reviews the egift card programs from top stores and restaurants. See what's new in 2016. Read More »

Are Gift Cards Good Halloween Prizes for Kids?

Have a fall festival, school carnival, of Halloween costume contest coming up? Find 5 gift cards that make perfect Halloween prizes. Read More »
gift card you can print at home

Where Can I Buy Printable Gift Cards?

Over 40 brand name egift cards you can print at home. Read More »
stack of bulk gift cards

What’s the Best Way to Buy Gift Cards in Bulk?

If you want to buy bulk gift cards for your business or a large group of friends, consider these four options. The best one depends on your needs. Read More »