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Question & Answer with Gift Card Girlfriend

radioshack gift card story

What To Do with Gift Card to Store in Bankruptcy

8 Ways to use gift cards to stores in bankruptcy protection and how to get your money back if you miss the claim deadline. Read More »
gift card scams you can avoid

7 Gift Card SCAMS you can SPOT and EASILY AVOID!

As the popularity of gift cards rise, so does the potential for gift card fraud. Here are 7 gift card scams you can spot and easily AVOID. Read More »
duct tape wallet with amazon gift card

How to Help Kids Redeem Gift Cards (without the meltdowns!)

6 steps to help kids spend gift cards without having a melt-down. When kids redeem gift cards, they learn valuable lessons. Read More »
visa<sup>®</sup> gift card

12 Things to Try if Your Visa Gift Card is Not Working

When your Visa gift card does not work, check this list of common reasons why gift cards don't work. decline, won't activate or won't give you a balance. Read More »
woman swiping gift card

Why Won’t My Gift Card Work?

The main reasons Visa and Mastercard® gift cards don't work and what you can do to avoid having problems with your gift cards. Read More »
payment with gift card at register

What is a Split Tender Transaction and Can I Use a Gift Card to Make One?

"Split Tender Transaction" is a fancy way of saying that you want to make a purchase with more than one type of payment. Read more for ways to make a split tender transaction with a gift card. Read More »
using a gift card for online shopping

Need Help Using Visa Gift Cards Online?

How to use Visa gift cards online and 9 reasons why Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express gift cards don't work online. Top reasons why gift cards decline online. Read More »
target gift card exchange

How to Trade Unwanted Gift Cards for Target Gift Cards

Target Trade-In program lets you sell unwanted gift cards for Target gift cards. Follow these instructions to learn how Target gift card exchange works. Read More »
steam gift cards

When to Buy a Gift Card Instead of a Gadget for the Holidays

Tempted to camp out all night for Black Friday? Think again. Most gadgets may not be worth the effort. Would you rather have a gift card or a… Read More »
best visa gift cards to buy

Where are Visa Gift Cards Sold? (And Which is Best?)

With Visa gift cards widely available, Gift Card Girlfriend shares 3 places to buy Visa gift cards and which one is the best. Read More »