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Graeter's Ice Cream Gift Card

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About Graeter's Ice Cream

Treat friends to Graeter's Ice Cream Gift Cards for a trip to the land of milk and honey. And gourmet ice cream like no other. At some ice cream shops they hand pack ice cream because they can. At Graeter’s, they hand pack it because they have to. The rich, dense ice cream that comes from their 2.5 gallon batches is too heavy to pump. It’s made with the same French pot method Graeter’s has used for more than a century. Graeter’s has flavors for every taste, including Oregon Strawberry, Original Salted Caramel, Bourbon Pecan Chocolate Chip and special seasonal flavors, plus sorbets, gelato and low glycemic ice creams. Use Graeter’s Ice Cream Gift Cards to order online and at some 40 locations in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Chicago and Las Vegas.


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