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Looking for the Perfect Gift?

If you plan on purchasing gift cards for loved ones this holiday season, you’re not alone. According to new research, surveyed shoppers’ holiday gift card spend is expected to increase 7% from 2018, with shoppers spending approximately 35% of their total holiday gifting budget on gift cards.

But what gift card should you buy and how should you deliver it in a way that still feels thoughtful and personal?

Take the holiday gift guide quiz above.

With just two questions, I will show you how I have been turning gift cards into thoughtful gifts for over a decade. The recipe is simple. First, think about the type of gift card the recipient might enjoy. Then pair it with a little something extra that can be enjoyed in the moment. Add a few words to a gift tag and you’re done. Let me give you some examples:

  • Gift for a Teenager What do teens want? Gas money, cell phone data and technology. Get your teenage driver a gas station gift card. Pair it with a hands-free phone holder for the car and write the words, “Chase your dreams, but always know the road that leads you home.” on a gift tag.
  • Gift for a Parent Get a gift card to a favorite restaurant pr the movie theater. Deliver it with a note that reads, “Seems like you’re the one who needs a time-out now!” Pair this cute gift with a bag of movie snacks or a pre-made dessert.
  • Gift for a Sibling Remember the days of dress up and acting silly? Take an old photo and turn it into a custom gift card. Deliver it inside a new pair of fuzzy socks, fancy gloves or a holiday scarf. Add a note that says, “Dressing up never gets old.”

Find gift ideas like this and many more when you take the 2019 Holiday Gift Guide Quiz above.

If you have any other gift card ideas, reach out to me in the comments below, on Twitter (@GCGirlfriend) or on Instagram (@Gift.Card.Girlfriend).

Happy Gift Carding!

~Shelley Hunter, Gift Card Girlfriend

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