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Sell Gift Cards

Have unwanted gift cards or gift codes? wants to buy them from you and SEND YOUR PAYMENT FAST!
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Sell your unwanted Gift Card
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Choose from 2 payment options!

  • We Mail You a Check

    We will mail you a check once we verify the card value.

  • PayPal Deposit

    We will send the money via PayPal once we verify the card value. (PayPal Fees: 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction)


Select from our accepted gift cards retailers and fill out the form below, to trade them for cash!

We only accept U.S. plastic gift cards and gift codes, not paper gift certificates. Please note that some of our accepted merchants cannot be exchanged electronically because they can only be used in person (ie. restaurants). Complete the step below to find out if your card qualifies!

Bulk Seller
For selling large quantities
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To check the balance on your card,

Card Value
Does Your Card Have a visible PIN Number?