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Twitch Gift Card

Earn 1% Reward Points for buying Twitch gift cards from GiftCards.com.

Gift Card Rewards Program

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Lost Twitch Gift Card

Twitch is not responsible for lost, stolen, or unauthorized use of your Twitch Gift Card if you or someone you know purchased it through them. However, if you purchased your Twitch Gift Card from GiftCards.com, contact our customer support team.

About Twitch

Twitch is the place for unabashed fans of games, music, talk shows, sports and more. Watch what you love and connect with thousands of community members like you. Every day, millions of people come together to watch their favorite streamers, chat, interact and connect. Whatever their into, Twitch has something for them - travel and outdoors, food and drink, sports, video games and even special events with other fans. Twitch Gift Cards allow fans to level up their experience. Redeem and use for Bits, subscriptions and other perks. This allows recipients to support their favorite streamers and be part of the next big thing. Give a Twitch Gift Card for birthdays, holidays, graduation or just for fun! Redeemed online at Twitch.tv.