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Wolff's Biergarten Gift Card

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About Wolff's Biergarten

Wolff's Biergarten Gift Cards are like a passport to Bavaria for anyone in Albany, Troy, Schenectady or Syracuse, New York – but you never have to leave town to get there. Wolff’s Biergartens bring an authentic German experience here with facilities modeled after the famous beer halls of Munich. Sit down at a long table and sip from your stein in the company of old friends, or news ones you meet there. Wolff’s serves real German, Czech and Belgian beers and ales along with German dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Wolff’s is the place for soccer, too with top matches from all over the world always playing on the big screens, and flags of many nations hanging from the rafters. Give Wolff's Biergarten Gift Cards for a great time in upstate New York.