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Yankee Candle Gift Card

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Yankee Candle Cardholder Support

Yankee Candle gift cards never expire and never have any fees. They are redeemable online, over the phone, or at any Yankee Candle retail location. Plastic gift cards can even be reloaded through the catalog (1-877-803-6890) or at any retail store location. Both plastic and egift cards, however, should be treated the same as cash because the company will not replace lost, stolen or damaged gift cards. Gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash unless required by law. Up to two gift cards may be redeemed at one time on-line as part of the same order.

Call Support 877-803-6890

Bulk Yankee Candle Gift Card

Perfect for corporate incentives and employee rewards!

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Lost Yankee Candle Gift Card

If you have lost your Yankee Candle gift card, you may be eligible for a replacement if you have proof of purchase, original receipt, and the gift card number.

About Yankee Candle

From summer fragrances that lighten up the house to holiday scents to usher in the fall, Yankee Candle is America's best loved candle and it's easy to see why. With new fragrances introduced every season, there's no such thing as having all the candles you need. You can even make your own custom candle fragrance at Yankee Candle in three easy steps--to be delivered in a week. Custom candles, of course, call for custom labels and the company sells that too. Perfect for your next bridal or baby shower, try Yankee Candle and see why people all over the country love to give scents of the season.